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Design concept

Plenty of irregular cubic installations are suspended among the raw ceiling, floor, and walls. The exquisite tables, chairs, and light fixtures brilliantly cast sheeny glow amidst the unpolished situation, arousing people's curiosity to explore. Push open the shop door, forget the external disturbance and enjoy a leisurely time here.

Introduce lush outdoor greeneries to decorate the blank corners of the wide-open space, naturally exude a serene vibe. Furthermore, complement with bright blue and green tinges soft furnishings to excellently lead out the unadorned and carefree charms of elegant French style. It is a place where you can enjoy fine food and beautiful scenery marvelously brings you a refreshing and comfortable experience.


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Design techniques

Artistic vibe overflows amidst the clean open space

The proprietor places more emphasis on creating an inviting ambiance of the restaurant than on making full use of the space to receive much more guests. On that account, we decorate the walls with paintings and artworks to result in chic charms like a modern art gallery. Moreover, scale down the number of seats to create a spacious and comfortable space for each guest. Beyond, the storeowner also can freely transform the up-to-date design themes at any time.

Featured design style ingeniously embellish the plain foundation

We manifest the patchy texture of the walls through the color palette, and exceptional manual coating technique skillfully leads out the character of the industrial style. Besides, boldly show up the original bare beams, columns, and pipelines on the ceiling. And make use of laminated veneer lumbers, stack together layers by layer to create an impressive cubic art installation, which has become the most striking feature of the space.

French soft furnishings complement with beautiful sunshine and greenery

We select elegant, sleek-shaped tables, chairs, and light fixtures with glamorous blue and green colors and shiny metallic features, artfully reveal refined French manner. The settings agree with the owner's background of learning cooking in France and bring vivid contrast beauty with the unfinished ceiling. Set up large-scale French windows at the entrance excellently brings in the outdoors grove landscaping to integrate with the interior plant arrangements. The beautiful sunshine and greenery add cheerful features to the plain gray tone space accompany the guests far away from the dull urban life.



空曠氛圍 漫溢藝術氣息


斑駁基底 特色風格裝飾


法式軟裝 綴點綠植陽光


Sitting area 座位區

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Set an open buffer area at the restaurant entrance with no seat arrangement, wittingly grant people a spacious and pleasant first impression. Decorate the sidewall with a chic wall clock without pointers, and pave the floor with imported Italian tiles to highlight the captivating pattern and feature, where attracts the guests to take loving photos here.



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At the end of the restaurant, against the wall, we set up a gray counter with a storage feature. On the above ceiling, the cubic installations made of laminated veneers centralize at the rear section of the field, which gradually bring out a broad and lucid situation from the back to the front. Moreover, extend a row of grids to the ground to serve as a shelving fixture for placing magazines and hanging plants, which is beauteous and practical.



Kitchen island 廚房中島

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We arrange the kitchen behind the door curtain. And the kitchen island is used for cashier and beverage preparation. Adopt scratching and color-matching techniques to present a marbling three-dimensional embossed texture on the island façade. Fix a wood slab to the island, place a bar stool, pave exquisite tiles on the ground wonderfully create a delicate, exclusive seat for regular guests to chat with the business owner.