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Pervading Sunshine

Pervading Sunshine
Pervading Sunshine
Pervading Sunshine

Design concept

After a long journey, return to the hometown again. Underneath the golden sunset, the gentle light outlines the warm situations of home. Embracing the sweetness and yearning, recreate the unforgettable memories. The American rustic style artfully brings about the serene and romantic ambiance to accumulate the family affection, and flashbacks the precious time of happy household companionship.

Adopt mild Earth tones to create a fascinating and moving residence for the couples. Life is simple and sweet, wake up from well sleep, soak in the clear sunshine, and welcome a new and charming day.






Design techniques

Take both interaction and privacy into account

Consider the homeowner moved from a detached house to an apartment, the designer meticulously set up the foyer of semi-enclosed pattern, which well-keep the privacy after opening the entrance door without directly see the indoor circumstance. In contrast to the public area layout, the kitchen plans with an open design to facilitate the interaction among the residents.

Recall the design ideas to create the longing style

The proprietor longs for the rustic American style when they lived abroad, so the design team grants efforts to recreate the original configuration of the villa. Adopt white, yellow, and brown as the main color scheme that loved by the couple, and couple with warm pastel colors to fashion the stress-free ambiance.

Exploit natural wood panels to bring about the cozy situation

As the householder preferences natural log color, the designer considerably makes use of system cabinets that are not worried affected by damp to solve the problem of the humid climate in Taiwan. Furthermore, utilize solid wooden trim panels to present the warmth feature of timbers, thereupon, excellently finish a stylish setting.



親情互動 兼及隱私


重塑念想 再現情懷


線板增色 原木添暖


The foyer 玄關

Pervading Sunshine

Pervading Sunshine

The functional foyer set a shoe stool with colorful fabric elements, which embellishes the pure white space with the natural flora touch. And, the back wall of the herringbone pattern makes the whole area more inviting.



The living room 客廳

Pervading Sunshine

Pervading Sunshine

Pervading Sunshine

The entry leads to the public domain imitates the archway pattern of the church, which is in line with the belief of the homeowner, and also makes the linear trim molding surrounding more flexible. Prolong the sight to the TV wall, which makes use of system cabinets and a solid wood platform to set off the pleasant feature of the house.



The kitchen and dining area 餐區、廚房

Pervading Sunshine

Pervading Sunshine

The ceiling between the dining area and the kitchen is set with wooden strips, which not only serves as a spatial partition but also shapes the elegant and cozy features of a traditional house. Similar to the living room, the storage cabinets in the dining area are made of wood panels and system cabinets to add refined texture. The partial blank space pattern of the wall provides the homeowner to display ornaments freely in the future.



The master suite 主臥室

Pervading Sunshine

Pervading Sunshine

Pervading Sunshine

Different from the light-beige hue of the public areas, the master bedroom adopts the warm cadmium-yellow tinge, which is fond of the host and his wife, the reason is that one day when they traveled to Eastern Europe and fell in love with a royal golden palace. Opposite the bed, make use of white trim boards to magnify and enhance the glamorous atmosphere of the walk-in closet, moreover, fix sliding shutters of fine-ventilate feature, make good use of the footage of the room, skillfully separate the functional storage and reposing space.